Bathroom nick knacks!

Mostly neglected area of the house- bathroom or restroom,We often make all the efforts to  make our house look beautiful and forgets our bathroom- the place from where our day starts.


The bathroom should be given proper attention in cleaning and hygiene. Just by little efforts we can make our bathrooms look n feel good.Within budget limits, here are few essential tips for bathrooms.

– Mats

Mats are important for cleanliness and looks.These days huge variety is available for different kinds of mats for bathrooms.Place mats at the entrance/ next to shower unit/ around W.C.They help in keeping the bathroom dry.After shower towel dry yourself while standing on mat to keep the rest of the  area dry.



Bathroom Accessory Set-

A good set of accessory in bathrooms symbolizes your lifestyle.Vast range is available these days in this segment.Just a little change with this can be very helpful in creating neat looks in bathroom.

Accessory set adds beauty, cuteness and an organized atmosphere.







Towel Hanger-

Must Must Must have!





Storage Rack-

If the bathroom is not equipped with cabinets then keep these portable storage racks for all your toiletries.










Shower Curtain-

Adds privacy and keep the rest of the area dry.It separates the shower area from the rest and keeps the bathroom neat.


Hope these tips are of help !




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